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    On March 11,2014, Atlantic's non public offering new shares completed the  registration, trusteeship  and restriction via China Securities Depository and ClearingCo., Ltd shanghai branch. On April 1, Atlantic signed the Tripartite Authorities agreement on  fund raising with Goldstate Securities, Inc (the  sponsor institution) and ICBC zigong branch, BOC zigong branch and other 2 commercial banks separately, it means that our company(atlantic) has reached the designated placement target, and the non public offering new shares is a completely success. The non public offering new shares was the second refinance since 2009, when atlantic  issued the Convertible Bonds.  

    Compared with 2009, this time was much more difficult in all aspects including the financing amount, additional shares No, and issuing difficulty.  The job was started from 2012, Atlantic management lead the whole company with  solidarity,Through unremitting efforts,overcome numerous  difficulties, besides the good job on daily operation for the 2013 great achievement, we enhanced the communication positively with the investors, strengthened  their acceptance of atlantic's development strategy ,operation principle,  industry status and development prospect, which got the capital market's wide concern  and investors' positive response.

     Last, atlantic raise funds more than 0.6 billion at the unfavourable situation of stock market.Deducting the issuing expense, all  the money will be used to the construction of 50,000 tons thousand tons solid wire new producing lines, 25000 tons nuclear & military industry welding priducing  lines and 5000 tons non ferrous metal wire producing lines in atlantic's  "welding industrial park". The placement will provide the strong fund guarantee for the  welding industrial park.After the construction of the new park, atlantic‘s production scale  will be expanded, product structure will be optimized to accelerate the pace of upgrading welding materials, all this will help to consolidate the company’s leading position in the domestic market of welding materials and enhance  the international competitiveness of the company, to promote the sustainable development of the company. 

     With the successful issuance of the non-public offering of stock, the company's total assets and net asset have been increased, will help the company to maintain  a steady and healthy financial structure, to enhance management capacity, to improve the ability of overall strength and anti risk of the company, and will further  enhance the company’s core competitiveness and sustainable development to promote the transformation, high quality, efficient development of the “Atlantic”.


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